How to Deal with Commercial Water Damage for Quick Recovery

Commercial Water Damage for Business Owners

For business owners, any event that damages their office can be devastating and means financial loss.

The best way to recover from commercial water damage is through quick mitigation and fast restoration of the property. Anything that can be done to minimize the damage will help you bounce back faster and get your business back up to speed and back on financial track.

Dealing with commercial water damage is not easy. It requires decisive action to stave off the destruction water damage can bring. Here are some tips to help you deal with commercial water damage:

  • Turn off the power – For safety reasons, turn off the power in your place of business ASAP. This will prevent short circuits that can damage the electrical equipment that you have at your place of business. This will also prevent electrocution and even the possibility of fires erupting due to short circuits. If your safety is in question, it may be best to wait for the utility department to shut off power before entering your business.
  • Work quickly to minimize loss– The moment you realize there is a water problem, you must address it quickly. If you can turn the water main off to stop the flow of water safely, then do so. If you need to contact someone to do this, contact them ASAP. The faster you stop the flow of water, the more likely you are to reduce the impact on your business.
  • Contact your Insurance Company - Call your insurance provider ASAP. Informing them as quickly as possible will help with the claims process.
  • Raise items off the floor to stop continued damage – If you can safely access your offices, move waterlogged items off the floor to reduce their exposure to water. Other items like boxes of inventory, décor, equipment, clothing and the like should be moved to a dry place. They can be salvaged with professional drying and dry-cleaning services.
  • Contact a restoration and remediation specialist – To get things back in order quickly, you must contact a proven restoration specialist. In the Midwest Tri-State area, the company to call is Perfection Property Restoration. It is advisable that you have Perfection's number on speed dial on your phone for emergencies like this.

Get the Help You Need Fast with Perfection Property Restoration

Don’t let your business suffer the worst possible consequences of water damage. Being prepared for that possibility will keep damage costs and losses to a minimum. Having a restoration specialist like Perfection that you can call immediately to get your business back in order is a must. Contact us at 815-427-4636 today to find out how we can help you with your commercial water damage issues. We also handle other property damage challenges you might face, like fire and smoke restorationcontent restoration, and even biohazard restoration.