Leaked frozen pipe

Perfection gets calls all winter long for property damage as a result of freezing temperatures. Stabilizing your property for the coming winter months can help prevent costly disasters before they happen.

The majority of calls involve some type of freezing water, however other causes of property damage in the winter could be broken heating systems, poorly sealed windows and doors or chimneys, overflowing gutters that causing ice damning, and frozen exterior spigots that back up into the property. 

Whether your property is a multi-tenant building, a single-family home, or a condominium, checking your property before the temperatures drop will save you time and money this winter season. Even renters can do a quick sweep and notify their landlord of potential issues they see that could cause disaster.

We have made a list of some of the areas you should address below:


Check your Roof, Gable Vents, Chimney, Dormers, and Gutters. Check for missing shingles, broken chimney bricks, or poor seals around your chimney and ensure your chimney cap is still in the correct place. Be sure your gable vents are secure and intact to prevent animals from getting in. Clear gutters of debris to prevent backup of ice and snow and make sure they are attached to the roofline correctly.


Check and review all pipes to make sure they are adequately insulated and protected from freezing temperatures. Look for leaks or seal or repair broken pipes. Don’t forget to shut off water to your lawn sprinkler systems and remove all exterior hoses from their spigots if they are on the exterior of the building.


It’s a great time to check filters, sealants, and vent stacks to make sure everything is working properly. Contact your local HVAC company and have them do a system check before winter months are upon us and then check again in the spring before it's time to turn on the AC. Be sure to keep the heat on in unoccupied buildings and check them often for potential broken pipes and or windows. 


Review the electrical access point to your property for adequate covers and hangers. Any updates should be done by a certified licensed electrician. 

Foundation and Landscaping

Check trees and large bushes to remove broken or dead branches. Review landscaping and the areas around your foundation to make sure your property is free of debris. Check seals and insulation are solid around basement entrances and all windows. 


Put a Response Plan in Place

We recommend you have a plan in place to deal with all property-related disasters that might occur in winter or at any time by enrolling in our Emergency Response Plan. Learn more here.