Church Restoration Services

Disaster Restoration for Churches

Unexpected storms, fires, and floods are all disasters that can cause serious damage to church property. These type of disasters can also damage valuable church contents including altars, pews, artwork, furniture, and historical documents. If your church property has sustained fire or water damage, call Perfection Property Restoration Commercial Services at 815-240-2422 for 24/7 emergency response.

Perfection Property Restoration has more than 25 years of experience in repairing and rebuilding historical buildings. The beautiful architecture, historical documents, and artwork -- along with alters, furniture and pews -- will be assessed to be preserved. If needed, our team of very knowledgeable craftsmen understand how to recover, restore or reproduce these items after a flood or fire to get the church back to its pre-loss condition.

Our 7 Step Process to Full Recovery

  1. Water Damage Inspection
  2. 24/7 emergency water extraction
  3. Building Stabilization and property containment
  4. Dry with Desiccant & Refrigerant Dehumidification and air movers
  5. Sanitize, clean and Disinfection
  6. Address contents, collectibles, and critical documents
  7. Repairs and Reconstruction

Water Damage Restoration Process

During the church property restoration process, Perfection Property Restoration’s technicians will provide you and your staff with regular updates regarding when each room or building of the church will be fully restored and ready for use by you and your congregation. We also will also work directly with your insurance company’s insurance adjuster to provide an estimate and get the approval of the cost of repairs, replacements, and restoration services before we begin work.

Direct Insurance Billing

Perfection Property Restoration will work directly with you and your insurance company to restore your church property and contents back to pre-loss condition. Most insurance policies for churches generally protect the church property and contents from risks of water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, and natural disasters. We will work with all parties involved through every step of the restoration process and we supply the paperwork for direct billing.

Church Contents Restoration Services

Perfection Property Restoration also helps with content restoration and cleaning for items including altars, wood furniture, seats and pews, upholstery, fabric and draperies, carpets, rugs, electronics, metal, sculptures, paintings, statues, important documents, and other valuable and historical items. Our restoration team is available 24/7 to dispatch to your church to begin sorting, packing, transporting, cleaning and restoring your salvageable contents.

Contact Perfection Property Restoration for 24/7 Fire Damage, Water, & Storm Damage Restoration Services

When you need disaster restoration services for your church, contact us at 815-240-2422. Perfection Property Restoration handles 24/7 emergency restoration services for water damage, indoor flooding, storm damage, and fire damage restoration for churches locally and throughout the country.